Why to Attend?

Why to Attend

Objective of Aiif Forum

AiiF is established within the Arab region as a vehicle to motivate and promote sustainable investment and its significance in the Arab world as well as globally.

AiiF is a platform where academics and investors can establish a professional networking groups to enhance research in sustainable investment in different fields within different universities.

AiiF is a platform for an open and collegiate environment that encourages knowledge exchange and the sharing of best practices in the field of sustainable investment that leading Arab world to global competitiveness.

AiiF will reward outstanding efforts by organizations individuals and youth that support sustainable investment.


18-20 / May / 2022


France, Paris


Opening Soon


Places at the eventare reserved for:

Investors 100%
Pension Fund 100%
Investment Consultancy 100%
Independent Financial Adviser Firm 100%
Retail Bank 100%
Private Banks 100%
Insurance 100%
Family Business Holdings 100%
Asset Management Company 100%